Hi. I’m Bart.

I have had many advantages in my life, and I believe that when one has had such advantages you have a moral duty to give back to help your fellow man. Serving in our Senate is far and away the best way for me to do that. I say this because I bring a reasonably unique skill set to the table. My legal skills and experience are valuable, but much more important than that, I am a voracious reader that is a bit of a public policy nerd. I have a lot of ideas along with a real ability to understand competing ideas and to pursuade others. I am deeply saddened by the present plight of our beloved state and pledge to work to the best of my ability to improve it. Too many honest people are leaving IL because of our long-standing problems and concerns over the state’s dire financial future. If elected, I will be a full time Senator pursuing only one goal, that being to help our state govern in such a way that improves the lives of all our citizens, and most importantly protects the future of our children.

Let’s fight to reclaim our state.

Get involved. Host an event. Make a small contribution.