Meet Bart:

Personal Information

I have a wonderful wife, Missy Goldberg, who works as a consultant, and we have lived in Old Irving Park for the last 13 years. I am very proud of my daughter Emma, who attended public schools in Chicago, and is now studying political science and social justice at DePaul University. Socially, my wife and I are not a lot of fun. We tend to work hard, and go to bed pretty early. Part of the reason we don’t get out that much is due to our beloved but incredibly spoiled dog named Pokey. Knowing how nervous he gets whenever we leave the house, my wife just cannot enjoy herself. I love to read non-fiction books, particularly relating to politics and government, history and science, and I believe that adults should continue pursuing education throughout their lives. I like to play tennis and golf, but had to give up my beloved basketball due to aging knees. Getting out on the lake in an old sailboat that I share with a friend is a real treat that I need to do more of. I have always loved music of many varieties, and back in college played bad guitar in a rock band. Our claim to fleeting fame was that we once opened for The Ramones. What a thrill, but suffice to say that of the two bands playing that night the Rock Hall of Fame inducted the right one.

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