Hi. I’m Bart.

Excerpt from Chicago Tribune “Endorsements for the Illinois Senate”:

“Serving in party leadership in Springfield comes with perks. More money. More influence. More access. But the price is steep. Leaders are expected to vote in lockstep, even on godawful bills. That must be the reason Sen. Iris Martinez, D-Chicago, who serves on Cullerton’s team, voted repeatedly for budgets that were alarmingly out of balance. That’s how this state got in its financial death spiral. While we appreciate Martinez’s work on second chances for felons seeking employment, there are too many cases where her loyalty to party surpassed her obligations to taxpayers. Bart Goldberg, an attorney and longtime community activist, brings the progressive credentials the district wants and more independence than the incumbent can offer. Goldberg also happens to be one of the sharpest candidates we’ve encountered this cycle. He is endorsed.”

Let’s fight to reclaim our state.

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