The Issues:

Gun Control

Over 100,000 people are shot in this country each year, and it has been obvious for a very long time (way before Las Vegas) that it is absolutely critical for our safety as a society. There is so much that can be done to address the problem that is consistent with our 2nd Amendment rights, so long as you have the stomach to take on the zealots and the NRA. We have to start treating guns less like magic freedom wands and more like what they actually are: dangerous weapons. Some of the measures I would try to enact include:

Registration of Guns

66% of Americans think that every single gun should be registered. Yet there is no federal registry for guns and the NRA has fought hard to make sure that it does not happen. States can require registration of guns and six states have done so. Making IL the seventh would go a long way toward curbing illegal gun ownership and use. Every gun should be registered and transfer of registration should be required to sell a gun. Registration coupled with real penalties for unauthorized transfers of guns would be very helpful. Registration records would also be very useful for law enforcement in crime investigation.

Prohibition of Bulk Purchases

There is a significant correlation between guns recovered in crimes and bulk sales. A few states have outlawed buying more than one handgun per month. This seems like common sense.

Public Database of Multiple Gun Owners

I have not seen this suggested before but this seems like the best way to give society a chance to detect and stop someone who may commit a mass shooting. Often the perpetrators of these mass shootings (as in Las Vegas) have legally acquired all of their weapons. I think that we can agree that when a person owns more than four or five firearms there is a chance that the person might be of a personality type that would result in their use for purposes other than sport or self-defense. I would want a law that provided that anyone who owns that many or more guns would be listed in a state database that can be accessed by the public. That way their friends and neighbors could be made aware of this and have a chance to intervene or notify authorities if they found that person exhibiting potentially dangerous behavior. While most such owners may be collectors or aficionados that present no threat it would seem that other people in the neighborhood should be entitled to know when a cache of firearms and/or ammo is present. Of course, enactment of this database requires the enactment of registration as well.

Banning Assault Weapons and Large Ammunition Magazines

The federal ban on assault weapons lapsed in 1994. Since that time it has become abundantly clear that there is no legitimate public need for this type of weapon. The numbers of people killed and injured would decrease dramatically in mass shootings if these weapons were eliminated.

Let’s fight to reclaim our state.

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